Bill Simmons on the UK Apprentice

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2022.01.28 09:34 Negative_Profession5 Bill Simmons on the UK Apprentice

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hey guys how do you get through to support if your account is closed and u are not in any way aware of the fraud
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2022.01.28 09:34 OpenSeaXPoster 🎁 NFT GIVEAWAY! 🎁 AND DROP YOUR WALLET ADDRESS! 🐒Astro Babies NFT🐒 READ COMMENT! (xpost from /r/opensea)

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2022.01.28 09:34 YucciPP BO3 Zombies Chronicles VS Zombies Deluxe

Which one should I get? BO3 Zombies Chronicles VS Zombies Deluxe? I am buying it on Steam, the Chronicles version is 20 euros, while the Deluxe one is 40 euros. Is it really worth twice the price or should I get Chronicles now and buy the season pass at some other time?
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2022.01.28 09:34 annatheginguh Fancasts be like

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2022.01.28 09:34 vasjae In the video I am showcasing how to take Roshan with Ursa at lvl 1 with only 2 total heroes present. There are multiple different heroes that stack well with Ursa. Why is it good? Heroes get extra exp, gold, Ursa - Aegis. At 8-11 minutes, you may have shard for free. At 20 - cheese + scepter/refresh

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2022.01.28 09:34 aoonoili Me 1 | my Memory 2

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2022.01.28 09:34 Public-Afraid Tokyo revengers build

Thinking about making a build based off of the anime. If any of you guys can help me which weapons and or clothes do you think would match? Or a point in the right direction would help!
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2022.01.28 09:34 sweetpotato_latte What is the strangest thing you’ve experienced on an airplane?

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2022.01.28 09:34 Ontariomedic98 Can you use bills of sale to show proof of income for a downpayment/mortgage? ON, Canada

To preface I’m located in Ontario Canada. My boyfriend has a non traditional job. He scraps vehicles and buys & sells large scale items. He makes good money doing so. I also have a good job and make good money.
My question is, He is unable to officially register his business as his insurance company won’t insure him commercially until he is 25 years old. Can you provide bills of sales to your mortgage broker for the purpose of a down payment? We have been saving our down payment for a long time and he has lots of bills of sales that would show proof of where his portion of our down payment money came from.
Thankyou for any advice,
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2022.01.28 09:34 sneakipete An equivalency as old as time

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2022.01.28 09:34 Andy2703fire Quando un qualunque italiano molto napoletano entra in un ristorante hawaiano e guarda il menù delle pizze...

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2022.01.28 09:34 Lord-Wombat I just received a random update on PS4, but can't find any info on it... Any idea what it did?

Thanks in advance!
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Free short online course with the Certificate.
People from all countries are welcome to complete the course.
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2022.01.28 09:34 swanky_nerd I am stuck with a covert narcissist and I don't know how do I stop that asshole ?

Pls excuse me for no posting the gender and age here, cause I don't want to be attacks of from that asshole again who just keeps spying and invading my privacy almost all the time. Thank you.
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2022.01.28 09:34 the-bad-sickness little miracles of ignorance

There’s a fish. Lying in a parking lot. It’s temporarily alive. Gasping. Slightly floating with oil in its gums. A woman is pondering this mystery. How did a fish still alive get to her? In this parking lot. Why is it here? It must be a miracle of pacifism and tyrants (those shifty characters of transparent plot contrivances and superficial window dressings leaving vague inspirational quotes in italics and sassy literature). There's a man beside her. He has a cruelty in his hairline. His heart flutters at the sounds his phone makes when it reminds him of trending social fires. These fires make him feel confused and angry and give rise to opinions he feels like he has to pursue even though those opinions will mean absolutely nothing to anyone except the ghosts that linger from his phone. He scratches his head (it’s infested with made-up ideas and dandruff). He looks around the parking lot. He secretly believes in invisible humans. He believes monsters are alive in spaceships, on certain tongues, festering inside dirty fingernails. When he votes, he puts the voting sticker right over the left side of his chest, where he used to place his hand when he had to pledge his allegiance to the greatest flag of the greatest country when younger - stronger - when his dreams were made from frog eggs and decaying muscles.
The woman beside him is using her phone to record this miracle, this fish gasping in the parking lot. To prove to the world the fallacies of the universe, of our reality, for her this is proof that something is wrong with the world - it just doesn’t make sense and when the world doesn’t make sense for her type of people they believe it must be poltergeist, gods, aliens, secret conspiracies, she is too smart to be fooled by her own ignorance, so everything she doesn’t understand is a massive trick. When she was younger she wanted to be a ballerina, she wanted to twirl on a stage to the presence of thousands watching her. But that was hundreds of years ago. She’s overweight, her knees don’t bend in the correct direction, she complains of precision and materialistic demons and needs constant validation for her misery. She still dreams of being that ballerina. She falls to her knees, she screams and begs, she wants god to command her to perform dirty deeds. She secretly licks pastries and puts them back in a perfect motion on the shelves. She twirls in the mirror and pretends thousands are watching her. With a swarm of brain matter and decayed teeth she eats her children’s goldfish. She doesn’t dream anymore, she sleeps and the fantasy of being a swan melts through her broken eyebrows. She digs the quasi-millennial jokes that create a real wrinkle-bender in all that tap-talk on the online party think machines. She’s addicted to that outrage, a junkie for the real low down sickness of being constantly manipulated by a phony politeness on the lips. Chaos in her face, destructive hands, bloodless fingers, a soul full of bastard vomit ... bastard chaos .... consciousness in the bloodlines, energy, strings like jellyfish for eyelashes. Her eyes were like chewed jelly-beans, a corroded liver, a brain full of parasites and electric junk metals, she had her rotted uterus pulled out and eaten, her tongue was full of slime. But a coward, she reminded herself, is one without a strong sense of self. And in this sick and disabled society wouldn’t it be more productive to survive by being just as disabled and sick?
This man. This woman. They are recording this fish. This fish is lying in the parking lot. They have proof now. They will submit this to the electric world that lives inside their phones. They will show their families, their distant friends, their decayed lovers, their ghostly fantasies of this little miracle they found in the parking lot. Millions of up-votes and likes will pour in from the world. Videos of scientists and world leaders will converge from their metal skyscrapers. They will discuss this little miracle, this fantastical illusion, they will award and congratulate these two beings for their pursuit of truth through a universe full of demons and liars. Old friends and lovers will send them secret messages about how they always believed in them and knew they would someday find the true and awful mystery of this world. They will bleed from their eyes and bite their lips while tiny fish brains will swell from their gums. For them, a few minutes of fame from ignorance is better than a lifetime of being gross, invisible, annihilated by silence (for in a world that fears boredom more than they fear death, solitude is a miserable god that promotes a slacker psychosis). They understand the world is pushing a need for profound attempts at shopping. That agitators and homosexuals and communists have taken over the news centers. The handicapped are coming for their parking spots. Murderers and rapists and gender-swapping ghouls are foaming at the mouth under dark lagoons to steal their precious freedoms where the price is so ambiguous that no one really understands what type of freedom it is or what it really does. This fish. This little mermaid miracle. This will finally show the world that they are not insignificant decaying flesh with hyper-manic brain circuits.
A few feet away some teenagers are riding skateboards, laughing, they are recording these two people recording a fish. Their skateboards race across the pavement like static against broken glass. A man in his car is recording the teenagers riding in a shopping mall that specifically states that skateboards are not allowed to ride in shopping malls. Behind this man someone is recording him for double parking and above that person someone is recording them all for being ridiculous and above them someone is recording and showing their recording of those recording while simultaneously recording everything that they record. At the end of the day all of these videos of people recording will flood the electric world and though nothing will change everyone will wait in secret anticipation of the next recording as they record themselves reacting to another recording while someone behind them records that reaction and then reacts with a video recording as they respond to the recording they recorded of themselves recording someone else while recording their stupid fucking cats. Nobody will understand it but at least thirteen different groups of people will claim that whatever they are doing while recording is offending their desire to exist. Existing as loud as possible is their only hope of fighting off the existential soup that whirls around in their oh-so-beautifully-made-up genitalia.
This fish. This little miracle that laid eggs before it was snatched up by a bird and dropped in this parking lot will gasp out and suffocate from this ignorance. In a few days its eggs will hatch, those fish will slowly evolve, they will grow snails in their brains, fingers from their heads, slime will mold into seashells, and in a few million years those fish will mutate and crawl from the oceans seeking revenge and they will come with shark teeth spears as they burn the shopping malls and bite the heads of babies off. They will swarm the cities with their mutant armies. Sacrifices and fires will sweep through the world. The songs of whales will lure people to jump into the oceans so the dolphins can rape them while sharks tear through their faces and limbs. A great bolt of energy will explode through the sky and a commercialized Zeus made of every gender and every color and every handicap and every stereotype to be utterly unoffensive to existence that it will technically not even exist itself - in fact, it will be so unoffensive it will not be human or alive or even a figment of anyone’s imagination - it will exist as some mutant Frankenstein created by the fear of those that record themselves being in a state of constant anger and phony melodramatics - and this creature named Zeus will come riding a tractor with a leather jacket and a pack of cigarettes in his ears and mouth and this motherfucker will proclaim that he is the fish master and these fucking fish will believe him and start praying to him and with every prayer this dude gets stronger and when they are busy looking for subversive acolytes he will be eating their fish eggs.
A revolution. A comet. A sacrifice. The fish will evolve into grass. The grass will evolve into an ocean made of cheese. The cheese will create a new sentient race of salted crackers with speckles of black with ironic heads. Trees will mutate into giant tentacles that portray themselves as radioactive recordings pursuing outdated identities while fondling their mutilated genitalia. A new species of human will evolve from the septic tanks of shopping centers, they will blink their eyes in the slowly dying star that hovers in the distance. A million different billboards and advertisements floating in the sky will remind them how fucking special they are and it will make them feel so phony and gross that they will eat their overpriced pets while raping television robots and electric vehicles. Everyone will scream. The planet will melt. The last garbled words will be from some commercial selling oxygen purified in the volcanoes of Mars and someone will probably be fucking recording it while hoping to justify their existence by validating the hopes and dreams of a million losers that need to record and occupy opinions to justify having the personality of a sitcom messiah. The stars will explode into cat food. Artists will sell their piss stained carpets. Suicide will be easier than living. Alcohol will be cheaper than water. Smoking will be easier than breathing. Porn will be more gratifying than dating. The rich and crudely wealthy will receive applause for arrogance, mockery, and an audience that will hail them as a convictions of mania. Addictions to a pursuit of pseudo-spirituality that will only rob the populace of its inhibitions … greed is evolution is conversation is paradise is intelligence is muddy swamp water plague for rotting teeth covered by plastic caps. Conversations will be lacking in color so we will shoot those who we believe to be already dead. We will fear death by dying in daydreams brought to you by traffic. Love will be a narrative anecdote for commercial people with corporate brain-toys who wish to purchase borrowed happiness from certain hormone glands and they whisper to the fish and ants and trees how they love them but those things won’t exist except as stereotypes and corporations so won’t be human enough to understand. The beautiful will cannibalize the poor and the poor will rape the trash between their bones and the gods will laugh in a complete mockery as everything slowly decays into a musical number as seen on certain programs for those special socialites with proper love to give to the parasite infested tombs inside a whimpering happiness pretending to be a song pretending to be a dance pretending to be a human gland pretending to be alive while twirling on the dreams of fables and madmen.
Everyone will scream: Life is so beautiful, oh my fucking god, isn’t life so fucking special and beautiful? … and if you refuse to agree with them they will murder you and then they will also die and no one will understand the irony.
These proper little miracles will circle us forever in pieces of ignorance and one day we will all die so happy we will explode into rag-dolls of friction and pragmatic imaginations. And so … and so … and so … and so ...
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2022.01.28 09:34 Scary_Cow9660 Begginer's Questions

Hello all,
I bought a H8 just before the start of pandemic. I had zero experience in action sports (except for scuba diving), shooting and video editing. I tried to learn on the way but the pandemic really slowed me down. I need advice on a few matters. Thank you all in advance.

Thanks a lot.
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2022.01.28 09:34 Timon-D Росія відправила армійські медичні підрозділи до кордону України – WSJ. Під час весняної ескалації екскомандувач військ США в Європі Фредерік "Бен" Ходжес говорив, що про реальну підготовку російських військ до вторгнення можна буде говорити, якщо біля кордонів вони розгорнуть військові госпіталі

Росія відправила армійські медичні підрозділи до кордону України – WSJ. Під час весняної ескалації екскомандувач військ США в Європі Фредерік submitted by Timon-D to ukraina [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 09:34 HyDrak3 New Mlbb evemt

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2022.01.28 09:34 gr8m9 Mel.uwu - racism

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2022.01.28 09:34 woomytime123 The mercenary trap

This would be a spy sapper replacement that would work like the flying guilotine. It would also be partially invisible to enemys. After the initial hit it inflicts bleed but this includes the spy himself.
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2022.01.28 09:34 FellowOfHorses This is not a bad trope alone but it's so prevalent it's weird

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2022.01.28 09:34 spiralaxle [pjo] i’ll definitely be one of them

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2022.01.28 09:34 Mr-frost Can someone confirm that I'm doing this freemcboot and freedvd right?

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2022.01.28 09:34 ForwardClassroom2 Coke Studio | Season 14 | Mehram | Asfar Hussain x Arooj Aftab

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