Paying tax on shares sales from Freetrade

2022.01.28 08:42 planktonfreezer Paying tax on shares sales from Freetrade

Hi all
I'm a total newbie when it comes to the stock market but recently got a free share with the Freetrade app. As is probably Freetrade's intention I'm now considering buying some more while the market is low (if that's the right terminology)
So my question is - if I buy some shares then sell them at a small profit further down the line - do I need to pay tax on them and how do I go about doing this?
A Google search brings up a lot info on capital gains and other taxes which seems highly complex and laborious
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2022.01.28 08:42 imnotmeuareme yes bank went from 2.5 billion issued shares in dec 2019 to 25 billion issued shares in january 2022. Whats going on?

According to the NSE in january 2022 currently there are
As on - 31-DEC-2019
2,55,04,72,231 or 2,550,472,231 ~2.5 billion shares.
So in this time number of shares of yes bank has increased by 10x!
from 2.5 billion shares to 25 billion shares but i am unable to find any info of stock splits or bonus shares issued by yes bank - so whats going on?
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2022.01.28 08:42 MidKnightshade [WP] An advanced archive built to store rare programs and experimental software experiences a breach from inside. One of the A.I. figured out how to get past security and is in city mainframe. The I.T. Department is trying to figure out what it wants before it crashes the system.

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2022.01.28 08:42 Moist-City-5717 I was in heaven

Red dudes with horns poked me with pitchforks around the fireplace.
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2022.01.28 08:42 unablepotatoe Which job offer should I choose?

I'm 26 and have gotten 2 job offers. They both have the same pay and are WFH but have a few concerns. Will probably delete this post in a week because my ex-boss uses Reddit.
The first offer is at my ex-boss's (30ish) company. He left the company we both worked for and connected me with leadership at his new company who extended me an offer. The job sounds great with low stress and matches with my current experience. The problem is that we got lunch the other day and he thought it was a date! We've had casual lunches before but he somehow materialized that broke up with my bf (| didn't. I got no clue where he got this idea from). Things got awkward and lunch ended early. This made me so uncomfortable because saw our dynamic as a big brothelittle sister or mentostudent. Also grosses me out that he was basically lying in wait for the opportunity for me to be "back on the market". If do work here, I would rarely see my ex-boss as we would be in different divisions and located at different office buildings. He would also not be in any leadership position.
The second offer is a job that I got all on my own. It's at a very large international company. It's a bit intimidating as it seems like it will be more stressful and out of my current skill set. They are willing to train me on everything need to know but high. have already accepted this offer over a week ago since the first opportunity was introduced to me only this week.
I was ready to pick the first offer... until that happened. Now I'm at a loss.
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2022.01.28 08:42 beneficialdiet18 Is it worth the upgrade?

So the I3-12100 just recently released, and I was wondering if it's worth it for me to upgrade or will the upgrade not be significant enough? I know it won't really help that much for games, apart from CPU intensive ones, but will my PC in general be faster? I'm currently running an i5-4440 (pretty old cpu) and a GTX 1050 Ti. I was wondering if the upgrade from the i5-4440 to the i3-12100 will be worth it mostly because it is a 4 core 8 threads CPU. Thanks for reading.
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2022.01.28 08:42 DroptixOfficial I just swapped in a EJ20X in my 2010 WRX

I’m here wondering if the maintenance and levels are the same as the EJ255 or should I start using a manual from the car its from?
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2022.01.28 08:42 ZoolShop Carmelo Anthony rips ejected 76ers' fans for 'unacceptable' taunting

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2022.01.28 08:42 edgedotland Incapable d’obtenir justice en français, un Ontarien poursuit le gouvernement Ford

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2022.01.28 08:42 SAII_XCI Is this a genuinely confusing question?

Me: What's the diversity and inclusivity like at Wren?
Interviewer: In what respect, what do you mean?
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2022.01.28 08:42 Motor-Ad-8858 AP News: Pope denounces fake news about COVID, vaccines, urges truth

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2022.01.28 08:42 shanabailey TOPSHAK TS-ED3 20V 10mm Electric Drill [EU] for 55.99 USD without coupon (Best price in history: $59.99) [EUROPE]

European warehouse
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2022.01.28 08:42 airkeukenrol AHT25 implementation using node red on raspberry pi

Dear all

I recently acquired some AHT25's, those are I2C temperature and humidity sensors. Unfortunately there is not yet an npm package available as plugin to node-red.
I downloaded the node-red-contrib-i2c pack to try and get it working but I am stuck. The datasheet of the AHT25 is included. I have setup an i2c in node on dec address 56 (= 0x38 from aht25) which returns me the status 24 (= 0x18). Next i needs me to send the command 0xAC with two parameters, 0x33 and 0x00. However I am stuck from here as I do not see a way to setup multiple bytes in a single read block. How can I get this working?
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2022.01.28 08:42 Quote-me-already [ Recruiting ] Kamehouse | TH11+ | Lvl 10 Clan | Active Donators | Clan Games | CWL Gold League 1

Kamehouse (#9LRGQJG)
Hello everyone! We are looking for active players who are interested in Clan War League, Clan Games and casual Clan Wars!
- Clan Way League - Clan Games - Casual Clan Wars
# Join us only if your interests align with ours ! # IMPORTANT: Add a note when requesting to join stating you found us from Reddit !

• Casual and friendly with the goal of progression/farming. • Looking for TH11+ - preferably non-rushed bases • Communication is important!! Especially regarding the opted in/out function as the assumption is that it will always be up to date • English speaking international clan • Be an active member participate in CWL/Clan Games donate and you will be promoted. • Most important: Having Fun !!!
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2022.01.28 08:42 af-music Anyone like the music from the original King's Bounty?

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2022.01.28 08:42 txlyylylgg I wish I was an international male model and got paid just for existing

It feels like the most desirable job in the world
Get paid to have fun, do fun photo shoots, wear fun clothes, pose with attractive people, visit exotic locations, participate in fashion shows, be loved and admired for no reason other than the fact you have a pretty face
Imagine that, you could be the biggest asshole, and yet just because you’re beautiful, people will just swoon over you. That must be such a nice feeling, being so loved with zero effort. Sigh.
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2022.01.28 08:42 anthropoz Partygate cover up? Have we now reached "peak corruption"?

The media isn't sure what to say. This is the best article I've seen so far.
I've been watching UK politics since the 1980s and this is without question the worst example of high-level corruption I have ever seen. Everybody, without exception, knows that the law was broken. We all also know that the police must have known, and did nothing until the moment Sue Gray's report was due to come out. This is absolutely blatant corruption with the Government, the top of the civil service and the Metropolitan Police all directly involved.
I can see no way out of the current situation apart from the tory party voting to remove Johnson from office and a full independent public inquiry into the whole scandal. Until now we were talking about a few fines and damaged careers. This intervention by Cressida Dick has now turned it into something far more serious.
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2022.01.28 08:42 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] The 'interesting times' aren't over yet ¦ Sky News Australia

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2022.01.28 08:42 Joyofjulius I’m bisexual, is it transphobic to not be attracted to trans women and men?

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În anul 2021, Inspectoratul de Poliţie Judeţean Neamț a avut ca obiectiv primordial siguranţa cetăţeanului, în condiţiile în care, contextul pandemic a impus o adaptare rapidă şi adecvată a specificului activităţilor poliţieneşti, atât din perspectiva atribuţiilor specifice cât şi a noilor sarcini
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2022.01.28 08:42 FallCompetitive7976 28-January I am still here

It is 28-January 11:42. I am nervous.
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2022.01.28 08:42 JesterRaiin "Damnation Alley" - a small adventure that might be used as a side-quest

Hey guys.
Like the title says - what you see before you is a very simple and straightforward scenario inspired by "Damnation Alley" by Roger Zelazny. It's not very demanding, though - I made it with newcomers in mind.
Warning: highly imperfect English ahead.
The Map - made with awesome HEX KIT.
What happened?
A day ago a ranger from the Marina (0305) has entered the City (0508) bringing dire news. A sick villager managed to survive the dangers of deep woods and found his way to the Marina. The Village he came from (0101) fell prey to (what has been recognized by people at the Marina) as "Rat Plague", a devastating, fast spreading plague. Fortunately enough, the plague is relatively easy to cure - the City faced it in the past so the cure is known and in possession of the City.
City council decided to send a party equipped with medicine to heal the villagers. It is not merely an act of kindness - if the Plague spreads whole land might get sick and it won't be possible to control the epidemy anymore.
What is supposed to happen (Tasks)?
.1. This quest is given to the party by City council. The party is tasked with reaching the Marina and healing everyone stationed there. Then they have to move to the Village and help its inhabitants. According to the sick villager there were 30 people still living there and the ranger said there were only 6 people at Marina, so the party is going to carry no less than 50 vials of medicine and 4 bottles of highly condensed cure.
No less than 30 vials of cure have to be delivered to inhabitants of the Village. The rest are given to the party as the reserve for people at the Marina and for any additional use. The party was already given the cure and won't contract the disease, unless attacked and wounded by Rats at 0201 or 0301 in which case they are going to use one dose of cure per wounded before they decide to go back to the City.
Side note: the dispersion of the cure doesn't require any elaborate plan. If the party reaches 0101 (it is assumed they are going to cross 0102 on the way) they are going to be greeted with villagers and the distribution of vials with the cure is going to be performed automatically (the GM is free to make up a heroic description of the process, thankful villagers thanking the party and so on and so forth).
Side note: If any detailed inventory rules are used, ALL vials and EVERY bottle count as 1 item each (so tha pack with all 50 vials and 4 bottles equals 5 items in total). They don't add to the general weight but still reserve a place and might be lost, stolen, damaged, etc, etc.
.2. The condensed cure needs to be spilled into each and every "well" in the neighborhood of the Village (three in total: wells at 0101 and 0201 and a pond at 0301). Only then the Plague is going to be cured permanently. At the beginning of the adventure, the party knows only about one well. They are going to learn about the existence of the rest and the need to cleanse them only upon reaching the Village.
Side note: If this task won't be completed, the GM might re-run the scenario in the future with characters entering the map at 0305 and finding the land deserted, all inhabitants gone, and fields overrun with diseased animals. The only exception being the City, with its gates closed to outsiders, but still offering a very similar (although much more dangerous) set of tasks for the party.
.3. The party is supposed to deal with any other Plague-related threat they might encounter. They are given full right to deal with said threats however they like.
Side note: the most obvious sidequests involve the Graveyard (0201), the deserted Cornfields (0301), the Ruins (0504), possibly the Rock (0104) and Hunting party (0506) but the GM is free to produce any number of "someone sick escaped to the woods at xyz" quests if players seem like willing to wander around a bit more.
.4. The party is tasked with warning everyone they are going to encounter on the way to stay out of strangers or direct them immediately to the City for the treatment (sick or not, you never know).
Side note: It's required for the party to explain the situation to Garden workers at 0408 and Lumberjacks at 0407 to complete this task. Everyone else they might meet, including Huntsmen at 0506 is not considered "crucial" to complete this task.
.5. The party needs to return to the City after the completion of their task, or at least reach the Marina and ask one of rangers stationed there to bring the good news to the City.
Side note: this Task is entirely optional.
What is happening now?

What might happen (subquests)?
The City (0508): - Someone asks the party to visit the Cornfields at 0607 and 0608 first and warn all workers to not come in contact with strangers. It takes a bit of time, but if the party decides to spare it, complete this mission and go back to the City, the questgiver is going to award it with weapons, armors and healing potions of better quality than they were given by City Council. There's a chance for getting the Danger Compass - a minor magical item that warns the party if the hex is dangerous in any way before they enter it.
The Marina (0305): - One of visitors got sick and escaped to ruins at 0504. He needs to be found, cured, killed or brought back to the Marina (he doesn't trust the party, but might be convinced that the cure is waiting for him there).
As possible evolution, this subquest might involve a chase after the sick one - he is going to move to 0503, then 0402 and is going to finally collapse exhausted to the ground at 0401 where he might be simply forced to drink the cure. It's up to the party what they are going to do with him afterwards - he certainly won't be in any shape to move on his own.
Another possibility is to make ruins at 0504 inhabited by some dangerous creature that either ate the fugitive already (a bear, a harpy) or is willing to bargain for his life (a vampire, or a low-level demon).
Yet another possibility is to prepare a simple 9-hex "flower" map and use it as mini-dungeon crawl with the fugitive hiding in the furthest corner of the dungeon.
As for the fugitive himself, there are a few possibilities to consider: is he sick or not, is he still alive or already dead, is he present or absent - he and any number of denizens of this hex might have fled (or are going to flee as the aftermath of party's action) to neighboring hexes.
The Ruins (0504): - It is possible for the Party to enter this hex on their own will, without being guided here by any other non-player character. If so, the GM might choose for the place to be inhabited by a relatively dangerous enemy, a demon, a vampire or a pack of bandits who are best to be avoided. Such an occurrence should involve dramatic hiding and escape to 0603 and then to one of neighboring hexes.
The ruins contain some interesting treasure.
The Land
Random encounter table:
Either use one of tables available in the Internet, or roll 1d10 and consult the following one:
  1. Serious danger! A beast or a pack of animals, will attack and chase party if it chooses to escape to different hex (but no further!), even after a random encounter is rolled upon entering the next hex.
  2. Quite a danger: rather strong animal, or a minor beast, will attack and fight to death, but not pursue the party if it chooses to escape.
  3. Kind of a danger: weak animal, will attack and probably run away if seriously wounded.
  4. No danger: a creature of any size but scared for some reason - won't fight, prefers to run away, might be butchered for food.
  5. An environmental hazard: earth shakes making everyone fall to the ground, storm forces the party to spend the rest of the day on this hex, etc. When it ends, decide whether the party lost something (including the cure) and how much time it's going to take to find it.
  6. A bandit, will attack party and use surprising tricks during fight (he set up a few traps earlier, throws bombs, seem to disappear and reappear nearby, etc, etc.).
  7. A ranger on the way to the City or the Marina (whichever is closer), will fight only if attacked first. Might acccompany the party if they are heading same way.
  8. A wounded ranger and a serious danger of your choice. The party might see both fighting each other, or be warned by the hidden ranger about the danger he had just faced and ran away from. Alternatively, the party might get attacked and shortly afterwards, the ranger might appear and join their ranks in spite of his wounds.
  9. A weird encounter - a meteor falls from the skies, a ghost walks between trees, an animal goes full Lassie on party (its master lies wounded nearby), a tree addresses the players in perfect Common asking them to deal with some nasty woodpecker ruining its bark, etc.
  10. Corpse of an animal (fresh, might be used for food) or a skeleton of some poor soul (some useful piece of an equipment might be found around). Perhaps a skeleton of an enormous beast (a giant or a dragon) slain long time ago. Might still provide some interesting award - a bone charm, or a scale that might be used as a shield.
The Map
0101 - The Village and your goal. It looks impoverished and dirty. Everyone is sick. Those few still strong enough to walk outside look haggard and hopeless. - Upon arrival, the party is going to be greeted by some villagers and when they learn about the cure, the process of sharing the vials is going to begin. - There's a well in the middle of the Village - it's where a bottle of condensed bottle needs to be thrown to.
0201 - The Cemetery. No longer visited because of the disease. Weeds grow everywhere and the place looks very sinister, especially at nights. It's where it all began and where it has to end - if the Cemetery won't be cleansed then the disease is going to return next fall even if the Village is going to be saved. - To cleanse the Cemetery, 3 waves of 2d4 rats have to be found here and killed first. - With all rats gone, a bottle of condensed cure needs to be thrown into a well (found somewhere near the eastern corner of the hex).
0301 - A withering cornfield. Reachable only through the Cemetery (0201) It's no longer tended to, so most crops had withered away. It's not beyond saving, though. If villagers are going to return to their chores, enough crops are going to be saved for the Village to survive. It needs to be cleansed too. - To cleanse the cornfield, at least 1 wave of 1d4+4 rats followed by 1d4-2 wild and considerably dangerous animals have to be encountered and killed here. - With all rats gone, a bottle of condensed cure needs to be thrown into a small pond (found somewhere near the northern corner of the hex).
0401 - A stone forest. Consult random encounter table. Hex 0301 can't be reached from here.
0501 - A stone labyrinth. Consult random encounter table.
0601 - High mountains.
0102 - Crossroads. The disease has reached this place. Most trees are dead and the smell of death surround the place. A lone, sick and very weak guardian tries to still follow his duties. In spite of playing tough he is too weak to pose a challenge, but is going to still lead visitors to the village. A road goes from here to the Village at 0101, to the Cemetery at 0201 and the Fruit Grove at 0202.
0202 - Fruit Grove: fruit trees grow here. Before the plague the villagers tended to these trees, but nobody works here anymore. Most fruits are either gone - eaten by animals or rotted away, but after a while a handful of still edible ones might be gathered. A road leads from here to crossroads at 0102 and the Cemetery at 0201. Hex 0301 is unreachable from here.
0302 - A forest. Consult random encounter table. Hex 0301 can't be reached from here.
0402 - A stone forest. Consult random encounter table.
0502 - A stone labyrinth and a dense forest. Consult random encounter table.
0602 - High mountains.
0103 - A forest. Villagers were chopping down trees here, but the place is abandoned now. A few trees cut down to pieces lie here, what may give the party the idea that they are on the right track to reach the Village. Consult random encounter table.
0203 - A dense forest. Consult random encounter table.
0303 - A dense forest. Villagers were chopping down trees here, but the place is abandoned now. A few trees cut down to pieces lie here, what may give the party the idea that they are on the right track to reach the Village. Consult random encounter table.
0403 - A dense forest. Consult random encounter table.
0503 - A stone forest. The majority of trees in this hex had withered away for no apparent reason. It's very silent here. Consult random encounter table.
0603 - A stone labyrinth. Consult random encounter table.
0104 - A high rock wall overlooking the river. Beyond it lie western lands and river becomes very dangerous to travel. The place is notorious for being a perfect spot for an ambush. Either 1d6 bandits might be hiding here, or 1d4+2 rangers might patrol this place. Finally, both parties might be fighting each other.
0204 - A forest and a river. Consult random encounter table.
0304 - A dense forest. Consult random encounter table.
0404 - A dense forest and a river. Traces of very old road leading to 0504 might be found here. Consult random encounter table.
0504 - Ruined castle. It's mostly collapsed, and there's a sinister aura all over it.
0604 - High mountains. The majority of trees in this hex had withered away for no apparent reason. It's very silent here.
0105 - A stone labyrinth and a dense forest. Consult random encounter table.
0205 - A stone forest. Consult random encounter table.
0305 - A forest and a river. The Marina was erected here. At least 1d4+1 workers accompanied by at least 1d4 rangers are stationed here. 1d4-1 visitors from west might be found here. They are usually heading either to City at 0508 or are about to return to their homeland. They might share some interesting news, info, or trade some simple stuff. There's a possibility to hire a boat and travel via river to anywhere 2 hexes away from marina. No need for random encounters here.
0405 - A forest and a branched river. Consult random encounter table.
0505 - A forest and a branched river. Consult random encounter table.
0605 - High mountains. The majority of trees in this hex had withered away for no apparent reason. It's very silent here.
0106 - A stone labyrinth. Consult random encounter table.
0206 - A stone forest. Consult random encounter table.
0306 - A forest. "The Serpentine" - a particularly twisted road leads to 0407 and 0305. It's so convoluted that it's going to take 2x times longer to cross this hex if one wishes to follow it. It's still going to be more comfortable travel than walking among trees. Consult random encounter table.
0406 - A forest and a river. Consult random encounter table.
0506 - A forest. A ranger and 1d4 huntsmen are chasing golden squirrels here. No need for random encounters here.
0606 - A stone forest. Consult random encounter table.
0107 - High mountains.
0207 - A stone labyrinth. Consult random encounter table.
0307 - A stone forest and a dense forest. Consult random encounter table.
0407 - A thinned forest. City gets wood from here and 1d4 lumberjacks work here. A wagon with merchants traveling from the Marina (0307) to the City at 0508 might be spotted here. A road leads to 0408 and 0306. No need for random encounters here unless players seem bored or lost.
0507 - A small guarding tower. There's constantly at least one watcher stationed here who knows a thing or two about the neighborhood up to two hexes away in any direction. A road leads to 0607 and to 0408. A wagon with crops traveling from 0607 to the City at 0508 might be spotted here. No need for random encounters here unless players seem bored or lost.
0607 - Cornfields. 2d4 workers are to be found here most of time. No need for random encounters here.
0108 - High mountains. Consult random encounter table.
0208 - A stone labyrinth. Consult random encounter table.
0308 - A stone forest. Consult random encounter table.
0408 - Fruit gardens. There are 1d4 workers tending to trees most of time. A road leads upward to hill 0508 - the only way to reach the City. Another road leads to guarding tower in 0507. The last branch of the road leads to 0407 and further into forests where danger zone begins. No need for random encounters here.
0508 - The City on a hill. It sits on top of a rocky hill overlooking the neighborhood hexes. Here's where you begin the adventure. No need for random encounters here.
0608 - Cornfields. 2d4 workers are to be found here most of time. No need for random encounters here.
Some notes for my fellow GMs:
  • The ending: The scenario ends with either party's death or at least Task #1 being fulfilled. The adventure might continue afterwards if players announce the will to pursue other Tasks. Each task fulfilled equals additional XPs. Each failed Tasks leads to follow-up scenarios with the Valley changed by the Plague.
  • Time to cross: I'm using a period of 2 hours to cross a hex, with each +x representing an additional hour required to move further. So, "A stone forest and a dense forest" takes 2 hours +2 hours (dense forest) +2 hours (stone forest) = 6 hours to cross.
  • Random encounters table: no monsters specified, no stats provided - use enemies relevant to your setting. Go wild, it's you who knows your players and their capabilities the best.
  • Plain & boring: if you choose to modify the land, don't overdo. It might seem logical for each hex to feature epic encounter along the lines of a laser unicorn fighting a zombie wyvern with heavy-metal band of cyber-augmented steroid abusing Dwarven bards hovering above on an anti-grav platform and performing "Hellraiser" for no reason, while the nearby volcano erupts sending tons of deathly ash into air, but such solutions should be reserved for a bit different scenario, I think.
  • Food & water: there are only a few hexes where edibles grow, past that it's either iron rations taken from the City, or meat from killed animals (it takes relevant skills and time to harvest it and prepare food). Water from river is drinkable, unless you want to be particularly nasty and rule it out. If you choose the latter, warn the party before they attempt to drink it - their character live in the territory for long enough to realize that the water in the river isn't very healthy.
  • Initial set-up: work with your players on this. Have them decide what they want and either accept or veto their choices (especially more extreme ones). Remind them about food. No transport allowed, no horses, pack mules. Feel free to find a logical explanation for that - I went with simple "disease is deadly for people, but for animals bigger than a dog it's total berserk mode and nobody knows how things are in deep woods, how far the disease had spread".
  • The time limit: for more hardcore experience, a time limit should be set up. Once the lock runs off, some percentage of villagers dies off. Even then if the party reaches the Village and throws the cure down its well, they are considered to "win" the scenario.
  • Playing with kids: avoid serious themes. The villagers are sick, but the disease isn't deadly. Replace dangerous encounters with less threatening ones, or skip them altogether and have a pack of cat-like wilders steal the cure from the party. The chase after the thieves should deliver plenty of fun too if performed well.
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2022.01.28 08:42 LokalizeNature Drone shot from last weekend video

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2022.01.28 08:42 piecewisemusic Excited to share this Ibiza Lounge inspired playlist which I am working on for this summer! Would love to have your input :)

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