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Donny van de Beek to Palace UPDATE, Ronaldo rage at £67.5m valuation, Amad Diallo to Rangers

Meanwhile Crystal Palace are said to be keen on taking Donny van de Beek on loan. But Newcastle's bid for Jesse Lingard looks dead in the water as Man Utd are demanding a deal totalling £15m if ...

2022.01.28 08:43 jobsinanywhere Donny van de Beek to Palace UPDATE, Ronaldo rage at £67.5m valuation, Amad Diallo to Rangers

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2022.01.28 08:43 ivthreadp110 A road or path to nowhere is still going somewhere

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2022.01.28 08:43 sarcastic_madafuka Is there any evidence that disproves the existence of Djinns?

I got sleep paralysis today and my mom gave me a lecture on how it's my qareen's doing and how I should try to renew my faith.
Problem is before I started the sleep paralysis I was dreaming of reading The Quran.
Ive always been very frightened of the religion and it never gave me comfort. I dont know if this means that I really am being haunted by a Djinn or if it's just a nightmare. (I'm an atheist and my parents and close friends know I left Islam but I still get sceptical)
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2022.01.28 08:43 ullapallulla Folgt wenn ihr in Zukunft geile Bilder und Videos von Alexcia Gresko sehen wollt. Wixvorlagen garantiert! • r/Alexcia_Gresko

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2022.01.28 08:43 The_Only_Infiniti Witness of Crime Interview - SORRY IF NOT ALLOWED

I'm new to Reddit, so I'm sorry if this isn't allowed! I'm doing a University project attempting to explore and gain an understanding of your experience of the criminal justice system after being a witness to a crime, and how involvement and/or interactions with the criminal justice system may have influenced your beliefs, faith, and trust in its role.
Involvement can be anything from speaking to the police in person, having a police interview or attending court regarding the case you witnessed. However the crime, and involvement needs to have occurred within the UK!
If anyone is willing to participate, please direct message me/ respond on here and I'll happily give a little more information!
I hope you all have a great day!
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2022.01.28 08:43 bengill24 Social skills gone?

Hi guys, I’ve posted this before maybe around a year ago but I feel like it’s recently got worse.
Basically before covid I personally get I could talk with ease to anyone and loved meeting new people. For the past year and a half however, this has completely changed seemingly onset with long covid. I’ve gone out twice in the last two weeks (last year of uni so want to try and enjoy to some extent) but upon chatting to anyone it’s like I have absolutely nothing to say at all like my social skills are awful. I can have general conversations with mates but it isn’t what it was like before even with some of my closest ones.
Despite this I feel like my brain still works, my grades have been decent although every assignment has taken far longer so I’m wondering if I have some sort of processing problem?
On top of this I’m probably averaging 6 hours sleep and pretty stressed with work which likely doesn’t help but I still can’t but just not feel normal at all.
Can anyone relate to this and have any suggestions on what may help, I’m going to the long covid clinic in 2 weeks so would be nice to take some suggestions :)
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2022.01.28 08:43 Fickle-Geologist-379 Don't lose your hopes.

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2022.01.28 08:43 anutosu Rey Mysterio got paid with a sandwich for his first match in 1989: "I was 14 years old. Imagine that. It counts because I got paid. Not money, but I got a sandwich and a Coca-Cola. It was in front of Maybe 80 fans outside of a church in a parking lot, in Tijuana."

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2022.01.28 08:43 DeeSaR47 ich_iel

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2022.01.28 08:43 DQmain 40k DPS Pentagram

40k DPS Pentagram
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2022.01.28 08:43 PPNPartido82 Romneyverse: 1968 United States presidential election

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2022.01.28 08:43 kaptenskan How many readings a week is too much?

How many tarot readings a week do you think is too much?
I know there is a hazard of reading or getting readings too often - codependency, addiction (in worst cases), and just getting cranky cards. But what is too much, really?
What is an ok frequency in your opinion?
View Poll
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2022.01.28 08:43 DeargZireael Posso cobrar um pacote de dados extra da minha operadora?

Recentemente troquei de plano de Internet wifi da minha residência e está sendo um inferno. A conexão é horrível, fica caindo toda hora, não dá pra usar wifi no celular. Já vieram vários técnicos aqui em casa e sempre dizem achar ter resolvido o problema, mas ele sempre persiste. Nessa brincadeira estou há duas semanas com Internet inutilizável em casa e acabei gastando todos meus dados móveis (que contrato pela mesma operadora que fornece a wifi). Gostaria de saber se posso exigir da operadora um pacote de dados extra sem custos adicionais já que estou sem dados móveis porque o serviço de atendimento ao cliente deles é uma porcaria e estão demorando mais de duas semanas pra arrumar a wifi de casa.
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2022.01.28 08:43 JobsucheRegional Web / Mobil Entwickler (m/w/d) gesucht

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2022.01.28 08:43 csabi_games Hungarian PM candidate Peter Marki-Zay standing next to the propaganda poster mocking him

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2022.01.28 08:43 OkSherbert5289 Does anyone know what this picture's seed is?

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2022.01.28 08:43 1redEyEBaNdit420 My 1.5 year transformation

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2022.01.28 08:43 Soft_Bred Anon likes hot chocolate

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2022.01.28 08:43 hotxmess Which MBP will be faster and better overall?

- MacBook Pro 13" 2017. 3,1 Ghz processor Dual Core i5 8gen. 16gb ram, 512ssd. Intel Iris Plus 550 GPU
- Macbook Pro 15" 2014. 2,5 Ghz Quad Core processor i7 4gen. 16gb ram, 512 ssd. Intel Iris Pro + NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M
I'm trying to decide between these two secondhand MBPs as my laptop recently died. It will be used mostly for video editing and music production.
I know the 2014 model have better specs like GPU (i don't know much about processor speeds), but it's also older.
What are your thoughts? Any help will be appreciated
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2022.01.28 08:43 beautyscottish How to be a Brow Lamination Expert?

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2022.01.28 08:43 Stugreen1989 Looking for a video

Hi guys- I’m looking for a nukes video which features a man visiting a church in Suffolk, England (not far from where I live, but I cannot for the life of me remember the name!) The church is a semi ruin, and he has a bad feeling as he approaches the church. Any help finding the video would be much appreciated!
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2022.01.28 08:43 CreweNewsBot Hundreds of accidents involving cyclists and drivers on Cheshire's roads, figures reveal

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2022.01.28 08:43 wowdo someone parked their bike right in front of mine

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2022.01.28 08:43 aloulou123 /u/aloulou123 SL Network Rep Profile

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2022.01.28 08:43 Extension-Gas5 looking for active friend my code is 3551 1307 7080

dont know if it matters but i come from germany
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