Kindness every day

2021.12.07 11:29 darekgraczyk Kindness every day

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2021.12.07 11:29 GAXY_SEGI_MJNA_RBNW Did someone say Christmas Rally?

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2021.12.07 11:29 __plankton__ Why does McKinsey insist on calling itself “the firm” and it’s cases “studies”?

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2021.12.07 11:29 rdytoroll Have 8000 gold. Go all out on the new expansion or buy the UiS mini set + 60 packs?

Hey HS community, I haven't really been up to date on the game for some time now and have only done the weekly quests with a very basic deck. I have most cards from United in Stormwind. Do you think the Miniset is worth buying? How is its power level? Or do you think it's better to just splurge 8000 gold on the new expansion packs?
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2021.12.07 11:29 resentitan Just to prove a guy how well built my Xiao is.

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2021.12.07 11:29 Jealous-Strain3720 Bitcoin Cash is Indeed Faster than BTC

From my research, I found out that Bitcoin Cash can have a throughput of over 100 transactions per second. That is crazy, compared to crap Bitcoin. Setimes last week I see Bitcoin lagging with many unconfirmed UTXOs and BCH solves this. I just wish my country have BCH as payment in grocery stores. BTW does BCH have smart contracts?
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2021.12.07 11:29 OliveTop8669 How to make blast effects…

Hi there,
I want to make a blast effect for a large miniature base, for a WH40k dreadnought, to be precise. I’ve looked online and I see lots of tutorials for how to make smoke/flames with cotton, foam, etc., but I don’t like the look and texture. I want something hard and very paintable to match the texture of the mini. So, I thought I’d ask you retrain builders: do any of you have a good technique for doing this sort of thing? Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.07 11:29 awkwardwarthog52 What do you see when you meditate?

I’ve always done guided meditation but recently have been trying to do meditation on my own. I mainly follow the breath but also do a body scan.
Since starting to meditate on my own I’ve been noticing patterns and colors more. It’s never just pitch black when I close my eyes. Today instead of focusing on the breath I decided to follow the colors and patterns I saw. Is this just the mind wandering like with thought? Should I focus on the breath and ignore what I see?
Do other people see stuff when the meditate or is it usually just black?
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2021.12.07 11:29 big-sexy89 Should I go for N10-007 or N10-008?

I just passed A+ and am looking to start Net+. The 007 version expires around June 2022 and the 008 is brand new and time is not a factor. I’m just worried about the content available for the 008 because ideally I’d like to be in a position to take the exam before June but I between work/family life I don’t want to fuck myself time wise
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2021.12.07 11:29 SuperiorGrapefruit Chem 1410 Help

Hello, I am desperate for any advice that I can get. I’m currently taking Chem 1410 and cannot seem to get a good grade on the tests. I do very well on the group and group individual portions but never seem to do super well at the individual portions. I’m improving (58 first time, 70 second, 72 third) but because of the changing ratios the group work part is not enough. Like I’m getting 80s on the individual group portions and 100 on the group portions. The thing is that I literally don’t know what more I can do. I attend all the lectures, go to the study sessions, pay attention during expo, etc. I even had a tutor for one unit who told me I had a pretty good understanding of the content, and I’ve helped friends study for the exam. But they’re getting 90s and I’m getting 70s. I’m not sure what more I can do. Would anyone recommend anything? Our final is on Thursday. Thank you so much
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2021.12.07 11:29 WdzTheArtist Let me put u lot on some UK Trap/Rap

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2021.12.07 11:29 imraghwendra Victim Bhai Joginder

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2021.12.07 11:29 silsurf Difference between Standard and Economy?

I have a 2004 Sundance Maxxus
New owner and want to finally figure out what to set up on the keypad regarding temp control? I usually leave it on standard at 103, but wondered if there is a more energy efficient setting? I switched it over to Economy, but the temp dropped into the 90? I have not set any of the other functions, so I figured it is time to find out.
We use the tub mostly in the afternoons or evenings
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2021.12.07 11:29 trashkween_0192 He’s literally just, like, stopped trying?

tldr: ldr bf has just straight up stopped trying…is this normal in ldrelationships in general or is it time to cut ties? Decently whiny post ahead…
So I recently went to go and visit the mans for thnxgiving weekend and I thought it went well but I guess not.
Ever since I’ve left it’s like he’s literally stopped trying and barely has the time of day for me. Like, before I went over there he would call me every night and he’s only called twice since I’ve gotten back and once was literally when he was driving with his friends to ask me a question and I got put on hold for like half of the call. He also used to wish me a good morning everyday and that’s stopped too. He literally now only really messages me when he’s bored during work
We also have barely broached the topic of seeing each other again. Once I asked him and he just didn’t answer like halfway through the convo and the conversation other time*, he was like oh well we could do NYE (considering logistics and timing it would literally only be that afternoon/night). The first time we made plans it took him like 3 days from when he left from seeing me to lock those down
*he will also do thing sometimes with other things. Like he’ll tell me something and I’ll ask him about it and he’ll just ignore the question and never answer it
Like he tells me he loves me and that he misses me several times throughout the day but personally I don’t buy it. Is it normal for a guy in ldr to just straight up stop trying or should I just nip this in the bud? (I could try to talk to him about it but I have grad school finals rn and just don’t have the time for a whole protracted conversation)
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2021.12.07 11:29 botozos_revenge Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay - Synthwave Jin is a Savage (Lethal) #ps5 #4k...

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2021.12.07 11:29 Worried-Ad-4483 IWFTR help pls

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2021.12.07 11:29 Moni3Fr33domFight3r Mikey and the boys...

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2021.12.07 11:29 ryukosway2004 Name the amine

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2021.12.07 11:29 aadm_bot iPad Pro com carregamento wireless em 2022

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2021.12.07 11:29 Barley_Breathing Where to prune, 21 days in?

Where to prune, 21 days in? I'm still new to Aerogardening (or any type of gardening, for that matter).
The cherry tomato plant (front left) is getting bushy. The arugula to the right of that has some really large leaves. I also have dwarf cherry tomato in the right rear. The only other time I tried tomatoes, I mistakenly let the plant get too tall and it was a bust.
Where would you recommend that I prune?
BTW, most of these are growing in rockwool from unused insulation I had left over. Pretty cool.
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2021.12.07 11:29 Happy_Ebb_2427 Help my holiday cactus

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2021.12.07 11:29 immmmhungry Early Christmas present… bring on winter ❄️

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2021.12.07 11:29 mdrutled Can someone please help me determine why this transfer was lost?

Can someone please help me determine why this transfer was lost? Hash: 561ece6bfd6269ad89fd1bef1a3a502aa26644179ec771810c119a5ec9e08415
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2021.12.07 11:29 JuicyCherryBomb Panther, by me!

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2021.12.07 11:29 8Scale Art & Guitar Ep. 2 "Stoffel" 1966 Still Life Painting & Egyptian Inspired Guitar Music

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