Can somebody help with sending me to medals

2021.12.07 11:51 Fit-Gas-7953 Can somebody help with sending me to medals

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2021.12.07 11:51 FrankensteinBionicle Advent Day 6

I noticed sometimes the instructions or tasks in the modules on this website are unorganized or lacking direction, but this one was such a doozy for me. I made it to the second to last task and was just crippled. The video didn't help make sense of it and idk did you guys have issues with it too? What'd you think about Day 6 of the advent?
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2021.12.07 11:51 ShortAlgo $SCO waiting for Buy signal on SCO

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2021.12.07 11:51 Pewdielove34 I overthink so much

It's actually so tiring. I tend to overthink literally every little thing. If someone leaves me on read or opened, ill overthink that for the next week. I feel like everyone i talk to hates me and wants to cut me out of my life, including my friends, my boyfriend, my internet friends. I just don't know how to stay calm and not think at 60 miles an hour. Oh god help why can't i stop overthinking everything lmao
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2021.12.07 11:51 c0viDOMME 3 Catholic schools, 2 public schools tied to potential Omicron cluster in London, Ont. |

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2021.12.07 11:51 NewsElfForEnterprise Wells Fargo launches coverage of four cannabis stocks

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2021.12.07 11:51 ShortAlgo $UNG waiting for Buy signal on UNG

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2021.12.07 11:51 ToniaKidwell KuCoin Referral Link/Code for a 30% Discount on all trading fees for life - new users can also claim a $500 USDT bonus too!

Kucoin is an amazing crypto exchange! Join today using the referral link below and get 30% discount on all your trades for life! Plus KuCoin lets you earn free USDT with its learn and earn reward programs!
You also can claim a $500 USDT welcome bonus at sign up too!
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2021.12.07 11:51 bruhex game game game game game game game game game game

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2021.12.07 11:51 Childhood_Early Phaedra true colors

First time RHOA watcher and I know some of the details about Phaedra's legal woes, the accusations, and Apollo's fraud charges. I'm on s5 and just watched Ayden's 2nd birthday party then NeNe and Cynthia talking about the voicemail that was accidentally left with Phaedra using the f-bomb to describe not caring if Cynthia went to the event or not despite her devotion to maintaining a southern belle image. At the time this episode aired, or maybe when things start to go south for Phaedra, how was this received? Did people start to think that she was fake at that moment? Just curious if this something that other people noted or not at the time the episode aired, it rocks the image that I had to her at this point, she's been good at maintaining the perfect image.
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2021.12.07 11:51 deadair_space does Hatari have a discord server ?

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2021.12.07 11:51 wilmots1 Ärztechef will kürzere Abstände bei Booster-Impfungen

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2021.12.07 11:51 Memer25_2006 Just learned my high school has an student owned Instagram account of people caught sleep. Found out I was caught sleeping just now

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2021.12.07 11:51 Timely-Ad4687 I feel so lonely without her but I know she's not good for me, how can I stop missing her

I was in a relationship with a girl about 6 years ago, we were only together for around 4 months and things were going well until I found out she was engaged. One of my friends found out and when I confronted her she denied it but I found out it was true after seeing him on her social media so I deleted her off everything even though she tried messaging me just before her wedding. She eventually ended up getting divorced a year in to her marriage, that was around 4 years ago.
Around last year we got back in touch and we got back together as she seemed to have changed a lot, but a while in to the relationship she revealed that she did have quite a few boyfriends before then and that she had slept with someone. I was understanding and things seemed to be going fine after and we even planned for marriage, but then I noticed how much of a rush she was in to get married and how she said she always misses me.
But lately we have argued a lot and she has really wound me up to the point where I didn't want to speak to her, she knew I wanted my space but to get my attention she ended up blocking me off everything. When I asked why she blocked me she said she didn't want me to have access to her if I can't commit to her, even though she has a lot of random guys on there! She eventually unblocked me.
My own family wasn't happy about my relationship as my mother wasn't keen on her but I eventually persuaded her to accept (I realise now how stupid I was). A few months later, I noticed her being open again about other guys but instead of saying anything I stayed quiet. Because there was a guy that she used to talk to that got in touch with her, he was actually a married man so I don't know why he was reaching out to her but what bothered me the most was that she would complain about him getting in touch but she never blocked him to stop him from getting in touch with her, it felt as though she liked the attention.
When she asked why I was quiet, she insisted that I can talk to her about anything so I told her that I wasn't happy with how open she is with other guys, she then went on to say how she didn't want to be with someone that is insecure as her ex husband was the same. I was quite annoyed at this point as she has said herself in the past that she is insecure too and she always had mood swings and emotional issues due to her endometriosis which I was always understanding of, it hurt that she couldn't be understanding of my mental health.
So then she went on to complain about me not committing to her, at this point I had enough of it and said that if she wants to end it she should do it now so she went ahead and blocked me off social media. She didn't block my number but now I have blocked hers so she can't get in touch with me. I told my mother that we had broken up so she shouldn't get in touch with her mother to sort wedding arrangements, at that point my mom informed me that she rang her mom a couple of weeks ago but she said that she was busy and and that she would ring back later which she never did. I was tempted to unblock her and have a go at her for saying that I was the reason things weren't progressing.
But I though forget it, I no longer want anything to do with her anymore. Its been over a month since she blocked me, I have missed her a lot and was tempted to try to get in touch with her. Im hurting so bad but I am trying to get in touch with her but I know deep down there's no point. I noticed today that she has now unblocked me on social media. I don't get why she would unblock me especially when she was the one to cut me off first. What should I do?
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2021.12.07 11:51 Trainerr_117 WB Resh 7523 6308 2491

7523 6308 2491
Will try to take 9
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2021.12.07 11:51 bbsquirrel247 Musee Dezentral - 222 unique NFTs that is a frame and gives you the utility to display an NFT from your collection in the museum

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2021.12.07 11:51 SoftPulp [Grammond] Zemmour dans notre rétroviseur

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2021.12.07 11:51 Heistorian 1978 - The Bombing of J Percy Priest Dam - 1st installment to my channel, HEI$TORIAN!

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2021.12.07 11:51 gazing_into_void Orion is natural at this whole supermodel thing :)

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2021.12.07 11:51 TOAOFriedPickleBoy Chests are NOT scummy. Fight me. (An Idiot’s Guide to Chests)

Introduction: I know what you may be thinking. “You get chests super quickly and then it takes forever to open them. Chests are very predatory and are only used to make people buy more Battle Points! It’s a shakedown! A money bleeding scheme!”
Well… on the surface it would seem that way. I’ve seen many posts detailing this viewpoint, but you really, REALLY shouldn’t want the way chests function to change.
In this post I’m going to detail how chests are in fact NOT SCUMMY AT ALL, and are in fact AMAZING for players. And in the end I’ll give a couple suggestions for changes to make chests feel more worthwhile.
So, join me.
How Chests Work Let’s start with how chests work. There are a variety of chests you can get. There are crappy chests which take 35 Battle Points to open, and give paltry rewards. There are Great Chests which take 65 Battle Points to open (if I remember correctly) that give double the rewards and probably a +1 xp multiplier boost for a significant amount of time. Then there are the Mighty Chests which cost 150 to open. These guys are pretty rare but give some xp to multiple Monkeys and Heroes as well as an xp boost and a metric buttload of Monkey Money.
You get a new chest every three wins, and most of them are the crappy basic chest. And the thing is that even the crappy basic chests take several games worth of Battle Points to unlock, and give you almost nothing so it feels pretty unfulfilling. That being said, when you get a chest while your queue is full, you have to destroy it if you can’t open the chest at the front of the queue. This means you statistically will have to watch several good chests get destroyed and have to keep the bad ones, right? WRONG.
Cheesing the Queue What if I told you that there is a way to REMOVE randomness from the equation completely? You may be surprised. It’s not a glitch or even an exploit. I think it was an intentional design decision made to reward those with patience. Here’s what I mean:
If you are like me when I first got the game, you open the chests immediately when you are able to like an absolute BABOON. This is a very bad idea. I know it’s exciting to get some xp, but please bear with me.
Because of the fact that you get to choose to destroy a chest or open the one in front, waiting to open the chest presents you with an interesting opportunity. You literally get to choose exactly which chests you keep. This little strategy has been hiding under our noses this entire time.
When looking at how many games it takes to open a Mighty Chest and comparing that with how rare a Mighty Chest is, it may not be a bad idea to only accept Mighty Chests. Personally, I’ve only started accepting Great and Might Chests but if you want to Mighty Cycle, that’s up to you.
Anyways, I really appreciate that chests function the way they do, giving players some level of choice. I really hope NK does not change this aspect of the game. However, there are some changes that need to be made to chests.
Suggestions While the way chests work is not as scummy as people would lead you to believe, there still is a very big problem with them. The amount of xp you get from all levels of chests seems very inconsequential when trying to buy anything above a T3 upgrade. The amount of xp definitely needs a pretty big buff. A x2-x2.5 xp buff from chests may sound radical, but ends up being pretty reasonable when looking at how much xp you get from chests.
When it comes to Monkey Money and boosts, however, I think they’re totally fine. This seems to be the general consensus of the community, but I’m sure some may disagree.
In the end, while chests are not as predatory as people think they are, and actually offer a large amount of control in what kind of chests you get, I would agree that the xp rewards that you get from them seems rather paltry in comparison to the number of games it takes to unlock them.
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2021.12.07 11:51 random071121 25M Canada -> Anywhere

Hello everyone! I am 25-years-old and a Canadian citizen (was born and raised in the Toronto and Vancouver areas). I also have United Kingdom citizenship (because my father was born in England, I inherited it) and I have an Overseas Citizenship of India (because my father's mother was born in India, I applied for one). I do not like my life here in Canada for a variety of reasons; I do not like the weather in winter, I do not like the politics, I do not like feeling too dependent on my family (my parents are already struggling and I feel guilty about still living with them), I do not like the un-affordable cost of living and housing, I do not like the dating scene, I have absolutely no friends here now, my girlfriends have all been foreigners who I met online, and I do not imagine myself being happy or content in the future here. I just do not feel like I belong here and have been battling severe depression since my childhood years (currently in-therapy, working on getting better).
I have always fantasized about living abroad. I think it can brighten my view on life and give me a reason to keep on living (right now, I do not feel like I have one). I have always been interested in other cultures and languages (I spend most of my free time just reading articles online about these various topics, it makes me feel satisfied to learn). I want to take a chance and see if moving abroad is right for me.
I am open to moving anywhere in the world but I have a fascination with Asia in-particular, and East & Southeast Asia if I am being even more specific.
I grew up in a very multicultural family, my father is of Punjabi-Indian ancestry and my mother is of European ancestry, so I am ethnically mixed. I just look like a typical White guy, you wouldn't be able to tell I am mixed just by looking at me. I am mentioning this because I have heard that other countries are not as politically correct about ethnicity so people get treated differently on how others perceive what their ethnicity is, especially in Asia.
I have a bachelor's degree in an applied science major (Occupational Health and Safety) from a Canadian university. I graduated at the beginning of last year (2020).
I have two-years of experience working with companies (multinational and family-run) on improving their health and safety management systems (internal audits, legislative requirements, policies and procedures, insurance, incident reports and investigations, risk assessment, new hire orientations, etc)
I earn 50,000 CAD (39,436 USD) at my current full-time job for a Canadian construction company (could be earning a lot more, have been interviewed for jobs that were willing to pay me 70,000-to-80,000 CAD [55,207-to-63,094 USD] to but I did not pass the initial interview unfortunately). I have 48,000 CAD [37,856 USD] saved in my bank account right now. I owe 25,000 CAD (19,716 USD) in student debt and 25,000 CAD (19,716 USD) in car debt (I bought a new car last year and am currently financing it).
I am a bit of a penny-pincher and cheap, I feel very uncomfortable about spending money for some reason. Many people have made these observations about me. So I just let my money sit in my bank account and collect dust.
I do not like my major or field of work at all. I just chose to do this because I felt lost and did not know what to do after I graduated high-school.
English is my native-language, I do not have knowledge of any other language (just very passive knowledge of the Punjabi-language but nowhere near a conversational level) but I am willing to learn the local language of my new country of residence.
No criminal convictions.
I am not a religious person (I guess you could say I'm an agnostic) but I enjoy learning about other religions and ways of life.
Yes, I am willing to consider alternative destinations.
I believe I want to try moving and travelling abroad short-term for the time being. If it all goes well and I love it, I will consider staying long-term.
What country do you think would offer good options for me and do you think I have a good chance at striking my luck abroad? I have been in a long-distance relationship with a Japanese woman I met online 2 years ago (have been dating her since the beginning of this year) so I initially thought Japan or South Korea would be great choices for me but I know that Asia (and the world) is a lot bigger than that so I am totally open to other considerations.
Thank you kindly for any help or advice you are able to provide me about potential destinations and moving abroad.
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2021.12.07 11:51 Random-Man562 What Pokémon did you all use for shadow Lugia?

I’ve just tried like 6 times and lost each one. They definitely buffed him lol I used to be able to kick his butt quick and easy!
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2021.12.07 11:51 Ohio_Belle Lebanese Man Moving to Nur Sultan - Advice on Getting Work

Hi! My husband and I are moving to Nur Sultan from Lebanon for my job. He's Lebanese with a high school education. He has done IT and network work, but he is also general fix-it/laborer.
Are there pathways for him to gain employment or have consistent work? Does he have many options?
Also, are there any Lebanese expats on this sub? If so, hello! We'd love to meet you soon!
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2021.12.07 11:51 thathalfkorean [Image] Milestones

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2021.12.07 11:51 MrR060t Uncharted Collection coming to PC in 2022

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